Water Treatment Checklist

The Water Treatment Checklist – Commercial Edition

Christmas is a very special time of year, full of fun and happiness for most people but, for some, it is a time is also stressful and can become overwhelming. Christmas can be a difficult time and it is important that we are aware that some of our friends, family, colleagues or neighbours may not be coping or need help.

We should make point this Christmas to check-in on the people we know to make sure that they are OK. There are plenty of resources available to become aware of the signs that someone isn’t doing as well as we think. For example, check out the Grapevine website for some warning signs at www.grapevinegroup.org.au or search YouTube for other resources.

Merry Christmas


Number of Reported Incidents – Dowdens Group
• 1st Jan 2018 – 20 Dec 2018 – 59 Incidents

Incident Type
Categorised into 4 categories:
• Environmental – 1
• Equipment – 16
• Personal Injury – 23
• Miscellaneous Report – 19
Incident Description
To separate incidents into 3 separate categories either reflecting injury to persons or not.

• Report Only – 11
• First Aid Injury – 11
• Medical Treatment – 0
• Lost Time Injury – 1
Nature of Injury
What the actual injury is that a person has sustained. Dowdens Group hotspots are:

• Muscle/Tendon/Soft Tissue – 6
• Cut – 6
Cause of injury. Dowdens Group hotspots are:

• Hitting Part of Body with Object – 7
• Muscular Stress – 6
Discussion Points
• Just over 30% of reported incidents involved injury or potential for injury to persons, an improvement from last years’ 50%;

• Muscular stress is always an ongoing concern for the Dowdens Group and is highlighted by the WorkCover data that indicates musculoskeletal injuries as being the most common workplace injuries in Queensland.

• ‘Line of fire’ type incidents involving hands and fingers still figures prominently in our statistics.


How to set up 'Out of Office Automatic Replies' for your outlook email.

As the Christmas holiday season begins, it is important to set upyour automatic email ‘Out of Office’ replies if you are taking leave. This informs those who email you that you are not able to action any emails and how they can contact the Dowdens Group should they require urgent attention.

Turning On Automatic Replies (Out of Office):

1. In Outlook (email), click the File tab and then click the Info tab in the menu.

2. Click Automatic Replies (Out of Office) – a new window will open.

3. In the Automatic Replies dialog box, select the Send Automatic 
Replies check box (this will allow you to type in the text box).

4. If you want to specify a set time and date range, select the start time, and then set the end time.

5. Make sure you set automatic replies for both ‘Inside My Organisation’ and ‘Outside My Organisation’.

6. Type a relevant automatic 
reply message in the text box. 
• “Inside My Organisation’ tab, type the message that you want to send to emails received from employees within the Dowdens Group.
• ‘Outside My Organisation’ tab, type the response message that you
want to send to emails 
received from external email addresses to the Dowdens Group.

7. You can also set up auto-fowarding of your emails – click here for these instructions. If you do use auto-forwarding it is important to mention this in your ‘Out of Office’ email message as below.

Example Out of Office message (if your emails are not being auto-forwarded you can remove the reference to this):

Hi, I am currently on leave and will be returning on 2nd January 2019.

This email will be forwarded to Joe Smith (joe.smith@dowdens.com.au) in my absence.

If you would like to speak to someone in the office or if your email requires urgent attention, please contact the office on 07 4969 4949 and our reception staff will direct your call as requested.


(Insert your name here)

8. Click OK to save your Automatic Replies (Out of Office) settings.

Turning Off Automatic Replies (Out of Office):

If you selected the ‘Only send during this time range’ option in step 4, the Automatic Replies (Out of Office) feature will continue to run until the date and time set for the End Time is reached. 

Otherwise, the Automatic Replies (Out of Office) will continue to run until you repeat step 1 and select the ‘Do not send automatic replies’ option.

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Service Orders Finalised



November 2018 Value: Enthusiastic

To view the comments click on the arrow > on the left of the nominee.

Nomination Comments
Nominated for her endless assistance and organisation in relation to our customer needs at Sullivan & Nicolaides Mackay. Carol is so willing, and nothing is too much trouble and has been so helpful to myself and our Brisbane Branch.

Managers Comment: Carol has the right traits in how to work as a team member, whether at the MKY branch or one of the other branches. Carol understands the customer needs (whether internal or external) and while BNE branch runs numerous S&N in and around Brisbane, having Carol understand the service quality that S&N expect, it has making it easy for our sales rep/admin to support the customer. Carol has always been helpful and is a great team member.

Nomination Comments
Michael displayed an excellent example of ‘’Responsiveness’’ – we had an upset Customer at Reception chasing parts from a Staff member here who was unavailable at the time causing the Customer distress and frustration. Several other staff got involved in the meantime to assist. I called Michael to see how he could help with stores assistance in the meantime, although another Staff member (who knew about the parts) helped the Customer but then Michael also continued to assist carrying the large box of parts & doing the processing at the Counter.

Nomination Comments
As above – TJ was also assisting both Tenille and Michael

 Nomination Comments
Kate was also assisting Michael and TJ!

 Nomination Comments
To acknowledge Renee’s contribution to the EOM process. Being Admin’s first EOM without Kezia there were some situations we came across where we needed further knowledge or guidance. Renee made herself available to answer all our queries & dig extra deep in the reconciliation of the cards to ensure we made our mark of 1000 cards here in Mackay. I truly believe November’s EOM would not have run as smoothly as it did without Renee’s input.

Nomination Comments
The sales staff are becoming very confident is Eddie’s skill set and ability, which is leading them to request his services on their jobs. He is also starting to contribute to job methodology and finding issues onsite then finding remedies that are outside of his trade and immediate skill set which shows he is learning more about our industry overall. 

This shows Eddie is very reliable which is a great attribute to have for himself and for the business Manager’s comment – This is a great example of how the correct approach and good communication can lead to building confidence and more effective results. This is also a very good indicator how experience is gained and learning shared.

Nomination Comments
Harry has been working on the Daydream Island Living Reef Upgrade since March this year. He has shown his enthusiasm right across the board. Although he is still a first-year apprentice his maturity and communication skills are far beyond his current employment status. His enthusiasm is infectious and helps to increase the moral levels when in a team environment. 

He is always keen to learn the skills required in his chosen trade and is not afraid to voice his own opinion when it comes to job methodology. His outgoing personality has improved our relationship with the Clients on Daydream Island and therefore he has been my mainstay when it comes to organising the tasks at hand on the project. 

With the right training and quality tradesmen to guide him through his apprenticeship he has the makings to become an excellent tradesman and team leader Managers comment – Having this attitude and mindset is great for someone new to the workforce. It’s now Harry’s challenge to help spread that enthusiasm among his colleagues. This mindset will keep Harry learning and set him up for the future.

Nomination Comments
Since she started, Danielle has been positive and enthusiastic in her approach to both employees and customers. She takes everything in her stride and nothing seems too hard, even the tricky questions! Keep up the good work! Manager’s comment – Danielle reflects the Positive Value daily. I can endorse this nomination from all personal observations of her daily conduct and service. She is proving to be an asset in her role.

Nomination Comments
Tony works well under a great work load. Continues to remain positive under 
pressure. Easy to work with. Manager’s comment – Tony has shown and continues to grow in his role with Dowden’s. His ability to get the job done and his technical understanding for the product range keeps growing, his ability to sell the right solutions to the customers is an asset to the Rockhampton branch, well Done Tony!

Nomination Comments
Michael & David have gone in and helped the w/shop with getting services organised, reports done for their Customers plus finalised all reports for every customer that has been waiting on service reports since we are low on resources in that area now. Neither have asked to help but saw that Leon required help. What they have done has helped team member/s and made sure our customers were still getting the same service that they expect.

Manager’s comment – Another great example of teamwork and the philosophy of ‘’we win as a team and we lose as a team’’ – putting the Customer first and understanding the constraints we face daily, but putting these aside and working together to get the job done.

Nomination Comments
With the loss of a few workers and the fact that the amount of workshop jobs has increased, Leon’s workload has increased immensely. He has been fantastic with his scheduling, communication and attitude towards getting everything as humanly possible done. His approach, attitude and organisation of his staff has been fantastic. Always trying to get the best result for the clients and Reps.

Manager’s comment – As above, with our resources down in the Workshop, Leon has stepped up and even though he hasn’t been able to please everyone (reps wanting jobs done asap) Leon has communicated, organised his team the best he can and has used the resources wisely. Leon has certainly been a shining light with the conditions at the moment.

November Winner

Leon Melvin - Dowdens Brisbane

The nominations for November continue to show the commitment to the business and, particularly the people, to providing service at all levels – internally and externally. I think that the comments from one of the Manager’s sums it all up –

 ‘’We win as a team & we lose as a team!’’

This mentality will continue to drive us all to work better together to deliver great results.


November 2018 saw the Workshop crew roll up their sleeves and deliver Chilli Con Carne with Rice and Corn Chips – and they have certainly raised the bar for 2019! Three ‘heat / spice’ options were available with a few braving and sweating through the hottest option! Big thank you to the wonderful and talented cooks – Brook Johnson, Sally Poulter and Renee Longmore. We raised $175.45 which has been donated to Beyond Blue to continue the fantastic work they do regarding mental health.

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All figures below are for the Dowdens Group - 1st January 2018 - Current (20th Dec 2018).


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